About Us

Madison Soup is a micro-granting event that’s part of a wider Sunday Soup Network.Madison Soup is a way for local citizens to share a meal, and at the same time pool our resources toward an effort that will create a positive impact on the Madison community. A $10 ticket covers the meal cost and all of the proceeds are combined to award micro-grant to the idea the wins the most votes.

While participants are eating,  up to 5 presenters (who may be local artists, entrepreneurs, community activists, etc) will give a 5 minute “pitch” on a project they would like to receive funding for that will improve the Madison community*.  Diners then vote on which project they believe is the best and the project with the most votes receives the micro-grant. The winners will return to present at the next Madison Soup, explaining how they used the funds awarded from the event towards the success of their project.

All attendees must RSVP prior to the event.
Purchase or reserve tickets for pick-up at the door by clicking on “Purchase a Ticket” above ^ .

General Schedule for Events:

4:00 PM – Doors Open

4:15 – Food is served, an overview of the soup network is given, the grantee from the prior soup gives a short presentation on the benefit of soup to their project, and 5 minute pitches begin for each new project.

After all pitches have concluded there will be time to meet with project members to get additional information about their project and time to vote for your favorite.

5:30 – Voting ends and ballots are tallied

5:45 – The winning project is announced and money is awarded

6:00 – Event concludes

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*Your project must provide a product, service, technology or process for the Madison community.